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COMPASS FACING (small, in or out) – Materials: one compass for each patrol – Method: Patrols line up in parallel formation. First Scout steps forward with their compass. Leader will call out a bearing and those Scouts with the compass will then race to see who can face that bearing first. Each patrol member must go at least once.

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Give a compass and map to each patrol leader. On 'Go' signal, patrol leader will run out and pick a card. Locate the two points on the map and plot a bearing from the first point to the second. Write the patrol name and bearing on the card and take it to the judge. Run back to hand the compass and map to the next scout in line. Repeat for each

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In this game you'll be creating words using compass bearings. Equipment: Each Scout should have a pencil, paper and compass. How to Play: Mark out a circle in a field and place stakes in the ground with a single, highly-visible letter on. each stake. Each Scout (or patrol) must spell out a word by finding its compass headings. For example, if

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Map And Compass Games For Scouts. reza August 26, Maps Comp And Declination Scouter Mom Find The Map Symbols Game Activities Family Navigation Lessons Work Scout Activities Boy How To Use A Compass Map Navigation Rei Expert Advice Map Science With A Homemade Compass

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Orienteering Information Troop Meetings Main Event Printable PDF file of Meeting Plans and Ideas for Orienteering OBJECTIVES This month’s activities should: Teach Scouts basic map and compass skills. Give Scouts multiple opportunities to practice their map and compass skills. Introduce Scouts to the sport of orienteering. Help Scouts work toward the Orienteering merit badge. Foster …

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Welcome to the 'Map & Compass' section of the website. This page is mainly intended for Scouts, to provide resources and examples on how to use a map and a compass, as well as the different features associated with maps and compasses. Below are several different resources for Scouts to make use of. Don't get lost!

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Games For Kids Compass Relay. This game was originally developed by the Girl Scouts, but can be adapted for boys without any modification of the rules. It is a very basic activity to familiarize kids with the cardinal points. Two teams of children line up parallel to each other and a compass is drawn on the floor (you can also use tape or

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A Beginning Orienteering Game: Description This is an excellent game for entry-level orienteering. Scouts are given compass directions on a slip of paper (printed from the next page). The directions take Scouts through a triangle-shaped course which, if done correctly, ends where it started.

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1. Put your compass down on a flat surface and align one edge of the compass with your starting point — in this case, Camp Align the forward edge of the compass with your destination, Camp 2. Turn the compass housing until north on the dial is aligned with north on your map. The direction you need to go — in this case, 60 degrees ...


· Your scout shop sells a Beginners Compass Game that younger scouts really enjoy. You set up a large circle of stakes at the designated points. There are a couple hundred small tear-off cards with 6 different compass readings that correlate to the stakes. Starting at different spots on the circle, the boys take their readings, move to the stake

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EVERY FIRST CLASS Scout can compute a bearing from a map and follow it on the ground. But can he correct his compass for magnetic declination? Triangulate his position on a map? Interpret topographic dangers like falls and canyons? Take this quiz and see how much you and your Scouts know about wilderness navigation. You’ll need a compass and

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3 Compass Games That Teach Kids to Use a Compass Teaching compass skills to kids is a great way to cultivate their abstract reasoning and ability to visualize when problem solving. One excellent strategy for helping your kids learn said skills is to create compass games that require them to use their compass.

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Beginners Compass Game This is a compass game, which may he played in any open area (a park, football field, or a gymnasium*). To play, the participant must be able to find a direction with a compass, once given a bearing. No pacing of distances is necessary. The course consists of 8 labeled markers placed in a large circle. While playing the

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Map and Compass The information below was effective through May 31, , when the Cub Scout advancement program was completely revised. As part of the program changes, the Cub Scout Academics and Sports programs, including the Belt Loop and Pin mentioned here, was discontinued as of June 1,

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Cub Scout Map and Compass Cub Scout's Name: _____ Cub Scout Map and Compass Workbook Page 2 of 6 Cub Scout Map and Compass Pin Earn the Cub Scout Map and Compass belt loop, and complete five of the following requirements: . 1. Explain to your den or an adult family member what cartography means. 2. Make a poster showing 10 map symbols and their

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· I came up with a fun game to teach my kids the compass. This is teaching them just the basics of the compass, throughout the summer I will make the games harder and harder. It also keeps the kids

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This link includes detailed info on how to teach map and compass skills, along with lesson plans for and courses. Gearing Up to teach graders how to navigate the Gardens This link includes detailed info on how to teach map and compass skills, along with lesson plans for 2-hour and 2-day courses. See more

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Compass Course Contest Dessert Treasure Hunt Potpourri Nature Trail Night Scavenger Hunt Map Symbol Game Inter-Patrol Compass Race Finding Wrecked Plane Bee-Line Hike Contest Four Square Compass Race Eagle-Eye Compass Race Lunch Site Hunt Compass Reading Contest. Scout Books. Site Contents

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Leading kids through orienteering games improves their navigational skills, builds teamwork and the ability to communicate and gets them physical exercise. Most orienteering games utilize a course, which you’ll need to set out ahead of time, and the kids compete using a map to navigate their way through the course as

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Even where the sun is in the sky can be a simple but effective guide. On their imaginary trip to Mount Avalon, the Girl Scouts knew that if the sun was setting behind them as they hiked out, they were heading in the right direction. More map and compass resources – Teaching map-and-compass skills to children: “Mapping Middle Childhood”

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2 JUMPSTART: Scouts: Map and Compass Games: Compass basketball • If there is a basketball court near your meeting site, organize a game of Compass Basketball to help Scouts learn compass points. • Mark circles on the court to represent the eight main compass points. (North is just below the basket, South behind the foul line.)

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Additional Learning Exercises for Compass Work Three-legged compass course Here is an Orienteering Exercise Spreadsheet that I use to get my scouts used to using the compass. It's set up with 15 stakes 10' apart on an East-West line. On the diagram I have fence lines labeled because I happen to have fenceposts in my pasture set at 10' intervals

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Age of Exploration/High Seas: Compass and Orienteering Games for Kids--could be a fun activity to accompany a lesson on the Age of Exploration. Or to prep for a camping trip. Teamwork Games For Kids Cub Scouts 46 Trendy Ideas

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Compass Games, LLC. was founded in by a partnership of veteran gamers. We are dedicated to providing professional-quality games at affordable prices for all levels of the gaming experience, from casual family and social gaming to hardcore military simulations.

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Scouting provides young people with opportunities to participate in programmes, events, activities and projects that contribute to their growth as active citizens. Through these initiatives, young people become agents of positive change who inspire others to take action.

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Orienteering is a sport that involves navigation with a map and compass. The typical format is a timed race in which individual participants use a special purpose „orienteering‟ map and a magnetic compass to navigate through diverse terrain and collect in sequence, control points that are indicated on the map. These control points are

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Orienteering Games For Scouts. Compass Basketball (or Soccer or any other sport) Mark circles on the court to represent the eight main compass points. (North is just below the basket, South behind the foul line.) Divide players into two teams. When the leader calls a compass point, the first player must go immediately to

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For DVOA questions concerning Girl or Boy Scout Orienteering activities contact Mary Frank or Ed Scott for information regarding programs in Eastern PA, Northern Delaware, or South Jersey. Some large Scout map-hike events are even organized annually and are held in Scout camps which have had special Orienteering maps made.

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Many Scouts are like that when it comes to map and compass use. They learn how to read maps and follow compass headings, but they never really apply those skills. One way to use map reading and compass skills is when you are hiking or backpacking. If there is a fork in the trail you are following, you want to follow the right path, not a path

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Second Class Boy Scouts work on building their outdoor survival and camping skills. Compass work, nature observation, camp tools, and swimming are areas where new skills are mastered and demonstrated. A second class scout, having completed all the requirements, should be able to lead a hike, care for his own equipment, set up a campsite, and perform basic first aid.

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Then show them how they can use a compass to find north and explain that if they always make sure that the top of the map is pointing north they can make sure that the map stays set. Then go on a short hike where Cubs have to follow a specified route on a map, making a note of each road they walk along. Split into groups, each following a

For map-reading and orienteering any type of compass can be used, but the orienteering compass is the type found best for Scouting work. You know the compass directions, the cardinal points: north, south, east, west. But, can you locate them out in the woods? It is an easy job with the compass. The important part of the compass is the

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· : Orienteering Compass - Boy Scout Compass for Kids - Hiking Compass Waterproof - Map Compass for Orienteering - Navigation Compass for Boy Scout Survival Kit - Compass Backpacking Camping Motoring : Sports & Outdoors

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Filed Under: Cub Scout Activities, Cub Scouts Wolves Adventures & Requirements Tagged With: Finding Your Way Cub Scouts Go Orienteering in a Box. This post may contain affiliate links which means we receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase.

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· I have just been roped into helping out at a local scout group. And have been asked if I could teach them how to use a map and compass, although I can use them myself not being a teacher I am not sure how to get them to understand me. Any tips.

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How? By Orienteering Scavenger Hunts using a map and compass. As you probably have already read, in our Paths of Exploration Columbus Unit: Lesson 1, Part 1 study, we learned about the compass. We did all the worksheets for the compass in our POE student notebook, we printed out a great compass work from Montessori Print Shop.

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· I consider a compass an essential piece of gear, but if you don't know how to use your compass it's value will be limited for you. This video covers; - Essential features your compass must have

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Compass Game This is an excellent game for almost any outdoor occasion and may be used by small or large groups. Space required is only feet by feet. The game is designed for competition and fun and at the same time provides excellent compass training without elaborate advance preparation. Twenty separate trails, each having three ...

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Explain to kids that a map is a bird's-eye view of the world and how navigators use the four cardinal directions. They need to know that the Earth has a magnetic north pole, which is always in the up position on a map, and that the needle of a compass always points toward the north.

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by Jane Torpie. With just a little planning, it’s possible to earn the entire Finding Your Way badge at an NEOC Scout-O event (either a one-day event or a weekend). These instructions explain how to do that. Girl Scout Juniors will also complete requirement 5 of the Hiker badge.

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This short video from Leap Frog shows the different parts of a map including the compass rose, legend, and scale. It describes how these parts are used to read the map.


Scout Ridge has been set up for instruction and as a test of compass and map reading skills. Orienteering is the sport of navigating with map and compass. The Pathfinder Trail itself is a “compass course”, set up for you to practice following bearings and counting pace. Farther east, you’ll find an advanced orienteering course, which

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Wolf Elective Adventure: Finding Your Way. Finding Your Way is one of the Wolf Cub Scout elective adventures. For the Finding Your Way adventure, Wolves learn map and compass skills.

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Orienteering is a longtime component of Scouting programs such as the Boy Scouts of America and other Scouting groups. The BSA first class rank requires that scouts complete a one-mile orienteering course by using a map and compass. The Scout must also measure the height of objects, such as trees, using simple gh some troops tend to emphasize the use of compass …

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October 5 Beaumont Scout Reservation Register Map & Compass training is for leaders 18 years and older. This training prepares leaders to take their troops through the map and compass program at Beaumont Scout Reservation. The program is a progressive learning experience incorporating games, fun, map reading and compass skills. The day will culminate by using …


Map and Compass Map and Compass The Adventure: Can you hike overland without a trail and signposts to help guide you? As a Patrol, master the use of a map and compass to make your way from Point A to Point B. Scouts who are already pretty handy with a map and compass can teach others. The Adventure: Can you hike overland without a trail and

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Scouts must learn to use a compass and map together in order to advance in rank. It follows that they need a compass, but which is the best Scout compass? Base-plate compasses like the Silva starter are the best all-around, least expensive and durable compasses. Resist the temptation to purchase a cheaper knock off – there are some

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Then turn yourself, your hand, the entire compass, just make sure the compass housing doesn't turn, and turn it until the compass needle is aligned with the lines inside the compass housing. Now, time to be careful!. It is extremely important that the red, north part of the compass needle points at north in the compass housing. If south points

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Check out this video to learn how to complete an orienteering course as a Boy Scout. First Class Requirement No. 2 is specifically, "Using a compass, complete an orienteering course that covers at least one mile and requires measuring the height and/or width of designated items (tree, tower, canyon, ditch, etc.)."

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