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This page details the events of the Game of Thrones TV series and novels, and contains spoilers. The end of Game of Thrones season six revealed a very important new location: The Citadel .

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· Last night's GoT season finale had something for everyone: Schemers, revenge-seekers, fans of political intrigue…and book halfway through last night's extra-long episode, we're treated to a few fleeting, magnificent shots of what is meant to be the greatest library within that fantasy universe, and it does not disappoint.

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· HBO Game of Thrones S06E10 Citadel Grand Library huge Sam.

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· In the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale, “The Winds of Winter,” Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) and Gilly (Hannah Murray) finally concluded their long journey from the Wall via his home, Horn Hill

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The season premiere of Game of Thrones proves that we're in for a very wild (and possibly dangerous) ride. Well, everyone except for Samwell, who spends the first hour of season seven stuck at the

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Since Game of thrones is a fantasy and seems to be (comparatively) set in what would have been something close to Earth's "Middle Ages" with knights and kings all warring constantly this seems to be a pretty accurate depiction of a library. As scrolls gave way to books, new shelves and a new organizational system were in order.

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The Citadel of Oldtown, with its enormous library and status as a place of learning, is very similar to the famed Library of Alexandria, the pre-eminent educational center of its time. Perhaps most strongly, the Hightower of Oldtown is a clear parallel to Alexandria's famous lighthouse, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

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I probably spent too much time Monday trying to figure out whether the Citadel scene in Sunday's "Game of Thrones" episode alluded to a real library. When brainy Samwell (with

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On location (Image credit: Nick Wall/HBO) The HBO hit show "Game of Thrones" takes place in a world of fantasy, but dozens of the scenes were filmed at real medieval castles and in wild forests

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· 50+ videos Play all Mix - Game of Thrones: Season 6 OST - Maester (EP 10 Citadel scenes) YouTube Game of Thrones: Season 6 OST - Light of the Seven (EP 10 Trial scene) - Duration: Game of ...

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· While other Game of Thrones characters are plotting empires and ordering troops about, Samwell Tarly is stuck cleaning chamber pots in the Citadel in Oldtown, the HQ for the Order of Maesters. While there’s much to be learned, including, in one gruesome scene, the weight of various organs, Sam’s …

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Iron Throne. There are reports of Aegon and Visenya Targaryen visiting the Citadel in their youth. During Aegon's Conquest, Lord Manfred Hightower submitted to the Conqueror to prevent the destruction of Oldtown by dragonflame. Queen Alysanne Targaryen visited the Citadel in 54 AC, spending three days in the Library and attending lectures.

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I'm referring to that moment in the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale when Sam Tarly finally arrives at the Citadel and gains access to the library. As the camera panned over the vastness of the

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It was staggering to discover that the iconic Astrolabe we’ve been watching for six years now in the credits actually exists and is hanging in the Citadel in Oldtown. I’ve always loved the Chekov quote regarding the use of items in drama - “If you

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· The Season 7 premiere of 'Game of Thrones' made it abundantly clear why real libraries of the Middle Ages put chains on their books.

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· Warning: Like most of Twitter, this post contains Game of Thrones Season 6 spoilers. The Game of Thrones opening, besides containing that epically snazzy theme song, can also include important

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The Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere provided a sneak peek of Samwell Tarly’s life at the Citadel. There is a lot of unknown, however, about the mysterious, scholarly location. Sam looks

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Would the Citadel Library have proof of Rhaegar and Lyanna marriage? Maybe even of Jon's parentage? Could Samwell Tarly be the one to find hard proof of who Jon Snow really is? It would definitely tie his character back to the main story and give him a lot more importance. I can't image a Maester wouldn't be present to record such important events.

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A recent question over on Movies & TV asks the following: Why are the books in the Game of Thrones citadel library shelved spine inwards? The answers within mainly answer from an out of universe perspective of how this was done in our world as well but one statement caught my eye from this answer:. The GOT library is modelled after the chained library of Hereford Cathedral.

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Oldtown is one of the largest and oldest cities in Westeros, built by the First Men before the Andal invasion. Oldtown was constructed around the Hightower, the seat of House Hightower in the center of the city. Oldtown is home to the Citadel and houses the Starry Sept, formerly the seat of the High Septon of the Faith of the Seven.[1]

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From Seville, Spain to Croatia, Iceland, and Northern Ireland, take a tour of the series's most iconic filming locations. Just be sure to keep your sword at the ready, as there are spoilers ahead.

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The seventh and penultimate season of the fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones premiered on HBO on July 16, , and concluded on August 27, Unlike previous seasons, which consisted of ten episodes each, the seventh season consisted of only seven episodes. Like the previous season, it largely consisted of original content not found in George R. R. Martin's …

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Of all the crazy things to happen this week on Game of Thrones, Sam finally (finally!) arriving at the Citadel after never shutting up about how excited he was to go there is probably not at the

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No doubt this is one of the best TV series of all the times, and season after season it continues showing new and wonderful filming locations. In this post we are focusing on the best new locations where Game of Thrones has been filmed in season 6. Northern Ireland continues serving as the camp base for this complex production.

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The King in the North, they hail him. More wolf than man, more ghost than wolf, they whisper when they think he isn't listening. He finds his memories fading, while he searches and finds nothing of the sister his heart yearns for, until the distant howl of a direwolf gives him hope again (Birthday gift for Nerdman )

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· As many have noted an for ex. alluded to me with the precedent of the Sarnori Library going up in flames, the comparison might serve as hints to events that could happen in Oldtown and probably would be of a dramatic nature obviously like the Citadel being burned down or the Hightower collapsing from an earthquake.

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Samwell Tarly is a background character in the first two novels of the series, and his actions and thoughts are interpreted through the eyes of Jon Snow. He then becomes a point of view character in the third novel A Storm of Swords and the fourth novel A Feast for Crows, with total of ten chapters told from his point of view. A Game of Thrones

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Discover the most amazing Game of Thrones filming locations in Spain! To recreate the universe of Westeros, the directors decide to shoot a lot of GoT scenes in natural locations in Spain. After all, Spain has plenty of medieval locations, natural parks and castles that look great in an epic fantasy show.

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David Williams has written a mystery, Murder in Advent, that features a chained library. In the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, the Restricted section of the library features chained books. In the season six finale of Game of Thrones, Samwell Tarly is granted access to the Citadel Library where many of the books are chained.

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· sam gif game of thrones More The post This eye-opening detail from last night’s “Game of Thrones” will forever change the opening credits appeared first on HelloGiggles .

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Game of Thrones Map Explained: Complete Guide To Every Location In Westeros & Beyond. The Game of Thrones map is as detailed as the real world. Here's the full (known) world and a breakdown of all the key locations.

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The season seven premiere of Game of Thrones saw Samwell Tarly experiencing the less-than-glamorous aspects of training to become a maester of the Citadel, including cleaning out his superiors

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Discover ideas about Citadel Game Of Thrones. ArtStation - Sam enters the Citadel Library, GoT Season Kieran Belshaw . Citadel Game Of Thrones Game Of Thrones Series Game Of Thrones Fans Library Games Pattern Library Got Books City Landscape More Games Winter Is Coming. More information. Saved by. Marlene Rosen. 1. Similar ideas. More information. More information. More information. Abrir

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I’ve never visited a movie location before, but while I was right there in Malta, I got excited enough to visit some of the Game of Thrones Locations Malta and Gozo is rich. And I really enjoyed it, going back into the first series of the show to see what the actual scenes were like.

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The Citadel is the headquarters of the Maesters, whose mission is to serve the d in Oldtown, in the south-western region of the Reach, it is where Maesters "earn their chain" made of

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Sam has discovered (and in one case, man-terrupted right past) many of Westeros’ greatest secrets just sitting there at the library. Are “Game of Thrones” creators David Benioff and D.B

Apparently all the great secrets of Westeros are just

· In Sunday night’s season premiere, Game of Thrones continued its long streak of drawing on the real past to make Westeros come alive by using Samwell Tarly to make a point about real medieval libraries — sort of. As Sam gets to know the ropes of the Citadel, part of his thankless job is to work

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What's going on with the Game of Thrones Gyroscope, according to a major actor. Of course, the gyroscope in the Citadel library could have been an Easter egg included in the Season 6 finale to give fans something to talk about during the wait for Season 7. Still, the device has had such a presence on the show as the platform for the awesome

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The Library in the Citidel is a television production set! It is not real! From an article from : “Architecturally, the style is vague. One of the brilliant achievements of GoT's set-design team, led by production designer Deborah Riley,

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